Tiger Woods round-up...The not-so-secret conversations between Eldrick and Lady Uchitel reveal more absurdly sordid details about their alleged humping sessions. And โ€” get this! โ€” Tiger isn't the only professional golfer who enjoys a piece of Strange Tang.

The Daily Beast has deputized Gerald Posner as Lt. Sleazy during this national crisis and he's gone out and spoken with a handful of people connected to the professional golf world who reveal that the PGA Tour is very similar to Motley Crue's bio "The Dirt": "My sources said that clubhouses sometimes resembled frat houses, with golfers exchanging graphic stories of the previous night's escapades. Players talk about "the 19th hole," or dub a girl willing to have anal sex a "double bogey." A "water hole" is anyone who performs only oral sex."


โ€ข For those who want their Tiger commentary more high-brow, fake-composing genius Ben Greenman has created a musical ode to Tiger for The New Yorker:

โ€ข And this is why Bonnie Fuller made the big bucks as a magazine editor: "What happens in cases like this is once there is one allegation then there are always 10 more," said Bonnie Fuller, editor in chief of HollywoodLife.com and former head of magazines Us Weekly and Star...You have the real women who actually have had a relationship with a celebrity come forward, and then you have people creating these stories because they are seeking their own fame and fortune and attention." [CNN]


โ€ข And here's JaimeE Grubbs about to be penetrated with a ping-pong paddle. She's kinky. [CBS CrimeInsider]