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Pity poor Shane Victorino. The Phillies outfielder/journeyman is being honored with his own figurine at a Phillies game on June 3, which has to be a thrill for any major league baseball player. (It was certainly a thrill for Mr. Celery!) Why Shane Victorino? Well, he's Hawaiian, and that makes him unique. We guess.

Therefore, the Phillies are giving out a figurine of Victorino dressed in a hula skirt and carrying a ukulele. Even better, it comes with its own sticky paper on the bottom so you can put it on your dashboard, and watch a Philadelphia Phillie dance and shake every time you hit one of those patented Philadelphia potholes.


So that's the rub, Shane: You have your own figurine, but you're wearing a skirt. We think it's probably still worth it.

The Flying Hawaiian [UmpBump]

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