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Shane Victorino Could Have At Least Tried To Help The Kid Up

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Your morning roundup for Aug. 5, the day after Pete Carroll ceded all responsibility for the Seahawks. Video of Victorino's indifference to the the bat boy falling is here. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.

Illustration for article titled Shane Victorino Could Have At Least Tried To Help The Kid Up

What we watched: It would be great to hear more about what the Yankees are up to. They've won seven straight, apparently, and word is they're in a pennant race with ... wait, hang on ... I got it ... shit ... gimme a sec ... oh, right: the Red Sox. It's just so hard to remember or even realize, since neither of those teams gets a lot of national attention, nor are they on TV all that much. Tends to be easy to overlook what's going on with them as a result, so forgive me.

Wait. What's that? They're playing each other this weekend? Really? Had no idea. I mean, isn't Yankees-Red Sox the best rivalry in baseball? Isn't there always something riding on it? And hasn't it been taken to a whole other level now that it's August and they're tied for first place in the AL East? It's just so intense, isn't it? So why is no one out there talking about it and breaking it down for us?


Michael Beasley didn't have as much fun in his New York City streetball game as Kevin Durant did: "With Beasley facing off against Durant, things got heated early in the second half when Beasley started jawing with a group of heckling fans, at one point yelling 'I get paid for this!' toward the group. He then approached one fan and shoved him in the face. Security guards stepped in to diffuse the situation. Shortly after 'mushing' the fan in the face, Beasley approached him again to shake his hand, but the interaction escalated and Beasley had to be restrained by security. He then approached one fan and shoved him in the face. Security guards stepped in to diffuse the situation." [ESPNNewYork]

Go read Brian Phillips on the U.S.-Mexico soccer rivalry: "And here's where I have to be honest. As an American fan, I'm duty-bound to admire our side's grit, hard work, and cluster of fake compound-word virtues. And the nastiness of the rivalry - the bags of piss, the walls of police at the Azteca, the flush of red cards — makes it hard to take an impartial perspective. But Lord, do I hate hating Mexico. This El Tri squad is like something that rode out of the Border itself — delirious, reckless, disorientingly charismatic. If the whole team died in a mass hang-gliding accident, which they are just bold and careless enough to do, their shared tombstone could read HERE LIES THE FUNNEST TEAM ON EARTH." [Grantland]

Here's a pretty fantastic video of Portland Timbers fans: Tipster Paul S. recommended watching this scene of Timbers fans celebrating their second goal against the L.A. Galaxy last night in HD. Tipster Paul S. was right. The paper out there's calling the 3-0 win a "monumental upset." Alas, the footage ends before the smoke machine really starts smoke-machining. [Oregonian]


Eric LeGrand: Don't do away with kickoffs on his behalf: "Former Rutgers defensive tackle Eric LeGrand, who's recovering from a spinal cord injury he suffered during a kickoff return against Army last fall, does not support Rutgers coach Greg Schiano's radical idea to get rid of kickoffs. ‘I believe a lot of people make their money, in the NFL, off special teams,' said LeGrand. ‘Kickoffs and kickoff returns are a huge thing. But I can understand why he wants to change that, after seeing one of his players, like seeing one of his sons, go down.'" [ESPN]

When cousins intimidate ex-hookers: "Wayne Rooney's former vice girl has rejected an offer to star in TV's new Desperate Scousewives because she is terrified of meeting his cousin. Ex-hooker Jenny Thompson was all set to sign up for the new reality show until she discovered bosses had also asked Claire Rooney." [Daily Star] (H/T Tomuban)


Bernard Hopkins, Prada eyewear model: "I am thrilled to be a part of this campaign," said Hopkins. "Prada is known throughout the world as a top luxury brand and as a world champion, it is great to represent the sport in ads that will be seen around the globe. People are already familiar with the way I work my upper cut and jab in the ring, now they can see me wearing them in my Prada ads." [Corrierre della Sera]

Your American-in-Denmark Wondergoal Interlude:

We are all Dave McKenna CLXXII: Here's your daily link to Dave McKenna's brilliant "Cranky Redskins Fan's Guide to Dan Snyder," which we'll be posting every day until Snyder's dumbass libel lawsuit gets left in the sun to rot away.


Boy oh boy, do the Washington Nationals have a deal for YOU!: Per an email sent out to fans …
"Place a deposit now on new 2012 season tickets and get the rest of this season FREE. Choose from two great plans.
Buy two new 2012 full season tickets get two FREE."
Werth every penny. (H/T NK)

And the American Ryan Giggs is... "The wife of Eddie Johnson — a former Flagler Palm Coast High School soccer star who was on the preliminary U.S. roster for last year's World Cup — was accused of ramming a Jeep Cherokee into Johnson's rental car after seeing him at a hotel with a woman, according to a deputy's report." [Daytona Beach News-Journal] (H/T Kyle L.)