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This morning on Second Take, former Baltimore Ravens players Shannon Sharpe and Ray Lewis debated the Ravens wringing their hands over whether or not signing Colin Kaepernick would hurt their brand. Lewis’s position on police brutality—such that he articulates a clear stance—is that it’s a scourge, just not one that NFL owners should take a stance on or that Kaepernick should say anything about. (It’s convoluted.) He also concedes that the Ravens should sign the best player available, but stops just short of admitting that that player is Kaepernick. Sharpe rightly dunks on him.


As owner Steve Bisciotti said himself, a Kaepernick signing is more about branding and image management than on-field production. (Why signing someone protesting things everyone agrees are bad would be bad for the brand, who knows?) Clearly, then, we all need to hear from Lewis, who knows all about putting forth a clean image.

Staff writer, Deadspin

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