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Shaq Lip-Syncs Brian McKnight For Girlfriend From Restaurant Piano

We don't have much information on this one, but a tipster has passed along a picture and caption from a facebook update describing what sounds like a delightful evening for Shaq and Ms. Shaq.

The caption reads as follows, [sic]'d:

Shaq came into ocean prime last night.. asked me to help him hook his phone up to the house piano.. then put on a lipsyncing performance of brian mcknights "do I ever cross your mind" for his girlfriend in front of the whole bar. Then he thanked me for helping him get laid. Probably the greatest thing ive ever witnessed.


I called the restaurant to see if they could give me any more information on the story but the man I spoke with said he could "neither confirm nor deny" whether Shaq and his lady friend were recent diners. There is a policy and all staff sign waivers not to divulge the eating habits of their celebrity clientele. I was told that Shaq and other basketball players like Patrick Ewing have previously eaten there, though, so it was certainly possible.

I tried offering more information and asked if Shaq sang a Brian McKnight song to his girlfriend. "I can't confirm any Brian McKnight stuff."

If you have any more information on this lovely little moment—or even better, video—please drop us a line.

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