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Shaq's New Diesel

The black Perez Hiltons over at Media Take Out unveiled some photos of Shaq and his post-divorce hook-up, who if memory serves me correct, looks alarmingly similar to Shaq's ex-wife, Shaunie. (It seems Shaq has a thing for cinnamon-colored ladies with Legend of Billie Jean haircuts. )

Unfortunately, the commenters over at Media Take Out appear to be a little down on the gal. Most of the insults are directed toward her allegedly "dark, weed-smoking lips" which are very unbecoming of a woman wrapped in Shaq's gargantuan embrace. One MTO troller offered this little home remedy tip, so that the next time this lady hits the town, she'll be much more camera-ready:

she mos def needs some vitimin e oil for those lips. ancient secret for my other bud smokers. vitimin e oil with keep yo lips nice, pink and soft.


It appears what Tide is to Chinese laundry detergent, Vitamin E is to "dark, weed-smoking lips."
Pics: Shaq spotted with his new girlfriend [Media Take Out]

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