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We get many fantastic tips in our inbox and from the #tips forum. Some are not so great. These are some of those #tips we specifically overlooked or ignored. All apologies.

"Mitch Smith" noticed Shaq's cameo in the new Owl City music video. In other news, "Mitch Smith" probably shouldn't be publicly admitting he listens to Owl City.


"see you suckers later" checks in with either a random Troy Aikman sighting, or a trenchant satire. I'm not really sure which:

I saw Troy Aikman's family, minus Troy, building the saddest looking snowman in the world on Sunday in Dallas. While his wife was the face of the family, it was clear to anyone who saw them while driving by that his two daughters were carrying the team.

"Jay Gorman" points us to a streaker at Wednesday's Mexico-Iceland game getting a spear of Goldbergian proportions from a security guard.

"cinatyte" catches some editors having fun:


"Chris Hanson's Axe" wonders that, since we go after Jim Bunning, why not give Heath Shuler the same treatment? Because no one cares about Heath Shuler, that's why.

•Surfing alpaca? Surfing alpaca. Thanks, "bluenatic."

"Ron_Artesticular_Fortitude" wonders where we were this morning. For your information, we had a very important business meeting last night.


#tips, #tips, #tips. We love them. We crave them. We need them. Keep them coming. (Except from the one reader who emailed to ask how to post to #tips.)

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