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Shaquille O'Neal Is The King Of Twitteronia

What a Twerp: In case you still had any lingering doubts, THE_REAL_SHAQ is the real Shaq. No, that doesn't make Twitter any less dorky. (But follow us too!) [A Foot and A Half]

Mike Ditka? Seriously?: I'm sorry; I know that no one should ever actually give a crap about something like this—ever—but the fact that the Mt. Rushmore of Illinois did not have Red Grange on it is a crime against humanity. [Hugging Harold Reynolds]


Fly away home: I'm not going to tell Brazilian soccer players how to have a riot, but kicking someone in the back and then running away is not the best way to prove your manhood. [Unprofessional Foul]

Spooky: Class picture day for MLB teams allows you to look into the soul of the professional baseball player ... and weep with despair. [The Sports Hernia]

Just kidding, ladies!: A woman is competing in this year's Bassmaster Classic tournament for the first time ever. I don't understand—do they need someone to clean the fish? [Bootlegger Sports]

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