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Shaquille O'Neal Steals The Very Ridiculous Show

Shaqawockee?: Holy cow, it's the weirdos from that Gatorade commercial! Oh, and I guess the 7-foot guy wearing a mask and doing the robot is interesting too. [Docksquad + BSO]

Who needs wins?: Hey, if Texas says they're the Big 12 Champs, then I guess they're the Big 12 Champs. [Red Dirt Kings]

It's fun to pretend: Anna Kournikova makes an appearance on a tennis court. Must have been some kind of celebrity pro-am thing, but who was the pro? [On 205th]


The beautiful game: If there's one thing everyone loves about soccer, it's a referee getting clocked in the face with the ball. [Total Pro Sports]

Thees gys sux, lol!: Providence fan will gladly support her favorite team ... right after she sends this text. [Friar Blog]

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