He's Also Not Very Good At Fractions. Come with us now as William Shatner is tested for Alzheimer's on an episode of Boston Legal. He does great when asked about the 1967 Red Sox, but he's a little confused at the question "Who is the best Red Sox pitcher this season?" To which he answers, "Josh Pecker." Or maybe it was intentional. He does know how to hold a grudge. With video goodness. [Surviving Grady]

CC, Manny Head List Of Players Offered Arbitration. It's arbitration season, and as expected, the Brewers' CC Sabathia and the Dodgers' Manny Ramirez were among 24 players who got offers, up from 17 last season. The Red Sox made offers to Paul Byrd and Jason Varitek. They have until Sunday to accept. Among those not offered arbitration were Pedro Martinez of the Mets and John Smoltz and Tom Glavine of the Braves. [NBCSports]


Phillies Release Burrell, Moyer Back Into The Wild. The New York Daily News reported on Monday that the Phillies declined to offer arbitration to ancient pitcher Jamie Moyer, leftfielder Pat Burrell and righthanders Tom Gordon and Rudy Seanez. Can this be wise? [Crashburn Alley]

Early Christmas Shopping. At least three more people have expressed interest in buying the Chicago Cubs, as Chicago real estate investor Hersch Klaff; the Ricketts family, founder of online brokerage TD Ameritrade Holding Corp.; and a group led by Marc Utay, a New York private equity investor, all filing proposals by the Thanksgiving deadline. "Sources declined to comment on the size of the three bids, which include the team, Wrigley Field and Tribune's 25-percent stake in Comcast SportsNet, a regional cable sports network."

Sadness In The Jays Nest. Canadian billionaire Ted Rogers, owner of the Toronto Blue Jays, has died of heart failure at the age of 75. [Toronto Globe And Mail]


This Could Be Dan Plesac's Year. Rickey Henderson, Jim Rice and Tommy John head list of players on the Hall of Fame ballot released on Monday, with Henderson making his debut, and Rice eligible for the 15th and final time. Yes we can! [MLB.com]