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Illustration for article titled Shaun Alexander, Cedric Benson Both Seeking Reclamation Project Status In Detroit

How bad has it been for the former NFL MVP and the former drunk boater? The Lions are bringing both running backs in for workouts now. Okay, well, that's not so bad. Both guys have a chance to sign with an NFL team, right? Not so much. Why not? According to MLive: "A signing of any player is not imminent because the Lions are happy with their running backs and are only building a "short list'' in case one of their top runners gets hurt and Detroit needs a quick replacement." Wow, Ced Benson and Shaun Alexander auditioned to make the "short list" for the Lions in case of injury. Fire your agents, pronto. Who do the 0-2 Lions have at running back that they're so proud of? Try Kevin Smith and Rudi Johnson. The two men have combined for 104 yards on 30 carries so far this season. And Benson and Alexander have to wait for one of these guys to be injured to have a shot. Benson's collapse from the overall #3 draft pick by the Bears has been well-chronicled but at least he's done something to fall off the face of the running back earth. Alexander? He's had injuries and gone from NFL MVP in 2005 to being unemployed. Now he's on the will-call list in event of injury for the Lions. The NFL, it waits for no man. Except for Cedric Benson? As I was about to post this the Detroit News reported that an Austin television station is saying Benson is signing with the Lions. In typical fashion, the Lions have said they aren't signing either man. We'll see. Shaun Alexander works out for Lions [M Live] Lions look at RBs, including Alexander, Benson [Detroit Free-Press]


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