Former NFL defensive lineman Shaun Smith—who played for five different teams in an eight year career that ended in 2012—has been going off on people on Twitter for the past two hours. He began half combatively/half playfully interacting with the usual mess of questions, insults, and trolls all famous or semi-famous people have in their mentions, telling them how happy he was, how much money he made, and how he could say anything he wanted because he isn't in the NFL anymore. Perhaps predictably, that eventually morphed into a bunch of people being awful to each other.

After some people began alerting us to his tweets, Shaun Smith wanted to make sure that we showed the proper context:

I believe this is the tweet that started things between these two (that Shaun Smith found by searching for his own name):

But the back-and-forth between the two contained worse tweets:

And there was more than just one asshole:

In summary: people are awful, Twitter is awful, and don't forget the first rule of Twitter.

Photo via Doug Pensinger/Getty