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Shaun White's Dopey, Training-Wheels Arrest

We enjoyed the ascension of snowboarder — or whatever it is that he does — Shaun White to American hero after the 2006 Olympics. It seemed like a teenage doof being promoted to sports superstar. We were really just counting the days until a weed arrest.

His first arrest, or "citing," as the case may be, is disappointingly mild.

A police report said a security camera recorded someone setting off the extinguisher in a game room Friday at the Beaver Run Resort in Breckenridge, a ski town about 60 miles west of Denver. White's clothes and shoes appeared to match the person on the video, and his shoes matched footprints left in the powder from the fire extinguisher, the report said. [White] was cited on a charge of second-degree criminal tampering. He was ordered to appear in municipal court on March 10. The report said White's breath smelled of alcohol when police spoke with him.


Snowboarding — or whatever it is — is never going to be taken seriously as a national sport until their superstars can put together some legitimate, respectable arrests. Setting off a fire extinguisher while drunk? Please: Call us when you knock over a 7-11, Shaun, or get shot at outside an Indianapolis strip club.

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(UPDATE: The Smoking Gun has the brilliant police report.)


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