Shawne Merriman's Flimsy "Excuses"

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So San Diego Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman has decided to accept his four-game suspension for steroids, while making it clear that it was an accidental positive test as a result of an over-the-counter supplement.

Pretty much anyone with even a cursory understanding of steroids has debunked Merriman's excuse — as opposed to Guillermo Mota's more stand-up of handling the matter — as complete bullocks, not least of which because Merriman tested positive for Nandrolone, which is an injectible steroid and has no effect when taken orally. Blog Bored At Life lays out the case against Merriman:

The idea that some company is intentionally spiking their products with Nandrolone is pretty far fetched (particularly since you have to INJECT it for it to work). There could be one further reason he tested positive for Nandrolone. Androstene (the stuff Mark McGwire kept in his locker) has variants that can convert to the same chemical compound as nandrolone, when ingested. However, andro and it's derivatives are on the banned list and illegal.

Maybe Merriman truly didn't use steroids and somehow ingested andro. Only he knows what he took. But the bottom line is: He is no victim. The rules are clear. And the responsibility rests solely on the athlete to KNOW what he is putting in his body. The only victim here is personal responsibility.


For the record, we're constantly injecting over-the-counter supplements; it takes care of our rickets and scurvy.

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