Shea Weber Avoids Suspension, Will Pay $2,500 Fine For Bashing Henrik Zetterberg's Head Into The Boards

Nashville captain Shea Weber won't miss any games of the Predators' opening round Stanley Cup playoffs series against Detroit after last night's incident in which he made Red Wings center Henrik Zetterberg's head extremely intimate with the glass.


He'll pay a $2,500 fine, but serve no suspension—a decision that shows NHL disciplinarian (and former Red Wing) Brendan Shanahan plays no favorites when it comes to handing down punishment. While $2,500 is the maximum fine allowable under the current CBA, the lack of a suspension comes as a bit of a surprise to, well, anyone who's watched the video. That having been said, the league office undoubtedly reviewed the questionable check leveled by Zetterberg moments before, and wrote the incident off in the same words Weber used to describe the act: "playoff hockey." [CNBC]