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We've been hearing all week about how Yankees outfielder Gary Sheffield is a total whiner and apparently is misquoted as soon as he said something interesting, so we figured we'd just check out this infamous New York Magazine story and find out what the whole rigmarole was about.

And you know what? We don't see what the big deal is. Sheffield says that Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez aren't the real leaders of the team. He says that he doesn't hang out much with other players. He says R. Kelly didn't really have sex with his wife. And he says the New York media is full of jerks. Oh, and he's a Christian. Sorry: We're missing all the fire here. What's so offensive about this story again? Why are we still talking about this?

You have to love the New York media: The best way to kill a story is by, you know, having it actually be published.

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