Sheldon Richardson Before Dolphins-Jets: "Fuck This Game" [UPDATE]

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Jets defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson made an appearance on teammate Rontez Miles’s Snapchat account, filming a short clip before the Jets’ 34-13 loss to the Dolphins Saturday. He seemed unhappy to be playing.

“Pregame shit,” Richardson said in the video. “Where the hoes at, doe? Fuck this game.”


Update (1:20 p.m. ET): A Jets spokesperson says that Richardson was talking about Miles, not the game. According to the spokesperson, Richardson did not say, “Where the hoes at, doe? Fuck this game,” but, “Where the hoes at? Don’t fuck this guy,” referring to Miles, whose Snapchat account was being used.


Via the New York Post, head coach Todd Bowles saw the video:

“I was just made aware of it and me and Sheldon will have a conversation very soon,” Bowles said on Sunday morning on a conference call with reporters. “We don’t condone any of that. We’re going to have a discussion and take care of it.”

Richardson, like many others, appears to be unexcited for the final stretch of the four-win Jets’ season.