Sherrie Daly Identifies The "Four Groups Of Hookers" On The PGA Tour

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Sherrie Daly joined 106.7 The Fan in Washington, D.C. with The Junkies to discuss her story and her new book, her time in jail, the girls on tour, John Daly's three personalities, his drinking habits, his sexual habits, the woman she caught him with on his bus, and the time Daly blew more than a million dollars in Vegas in a matter of hours. She doesn't mince words, so there are a few graphic points that may not be safe for work.

On her story:
"That's the reason I wrote the whole book, is to tell the whole world that I did not stab John Daly. There would be no book if he [had] told the truth at mediation… As far as stabbing him, no. As far as my jail stay, which a lot of people are so intrigued with, it was not drugs. There was no drug-related crime. I wasn't charged with that ever. It was a family business and it was a deposit of over $10,000. It was something I'd like to put behind me. And to be honest with you, it was a vacation from John."

On the different types of girls on the tour:
"There are four groups of hookers out there on the PGA Tour. There are the clubhouse whores, there are the occasional stops where there are strippers, then you have your prostitutes at a couple of places. And then there are the whores that just go down the money list and pick out a player and go out and follow him whether he's married or not."

Did she ever have a span of a week where it wasn't chaotic?:
"The first time he did that I think was in '02 when he destroyed a house... The decorator was there and he peed all over the walls... We were having a charity event and I was doing some redecorating to the house... and they painted some walls, it was kind of ugly, it was pea green. It was the wrong color, but they were going to redo it."

On Daly's multiple personalities:
"I like John, but he has three personalities. I like John. He has J.D. I do not like J.D. I get along with Johnny... J.D. is the demon. J.D. is the wild man. J.D. is the one who thinks he deserves sex when he wants it, whether you've had it with him three times in a day. If he decides that's not enough, he can go get some more down the street and deal with it."

How many other women did she catch Daly with?:
"Put it this way, John makes Tiger Woods look like a saint, if that tells you how many... J.D. would do all that and I could never really prove it, so Johnny would come along and apologize... I feel really stupid for being so naive all that time, but there were lots of women."


On the pictures that she has to prove Daly's cheating:
"Oh I know what you want to know about, the picture of the vagina... That was in '07 and that vagina belonged to a lady that me and my two sons walked in on John in bed with... He was at the house in Arkansas and wanted me to come. We had kind of been having some differences... but he said, ‘I really miss you.' So me and the kids drove over to Arkansas and when I got there everything was really calm... He had the bus parked in front of the house and when I went on to the bus, I looked and didn't see anyone so I pushed his shoulder and all of the sudden this girl's head pops up."

Was she surprised about Tiger or were there rumblings out there on tour?:
"I was very surprised with Tiger. On the tour, the players [can] get houses they rent off the course and they can be there for a solid week, where as [NBA players], they only go places for a night. So if the wife doesn't go that week to the tournament, they can have a chance to set up with another woman for a week... I would tell the younger wives on tour, you need to be out there or someone else will be."


On the time in 2005 that Daly won $750,000 at a tournament, then spent about twice that much in Vegas in a matter of hours:
"Under five hours? It was under two hours! I was there. He wanted to go to the Wynn in Vegas... I didn't want him to go anywhere, but I realized it's his money... I wanted to go to Bally's because when we got married, we won over $1 million the night before we got married... He really did do that. We ended up going to the Wynn and I went upstairs to get the kids organized and with a babysitter and take a shower... When I came down, he looked and said, ‘Oh my God, I just lost a million dollars.'"

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