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Shin-Soo Choo Twice Falls For Dodgers’ Fakery On One Play

It's not every day that a single to center with a man on first results in that baserunner being thrown out at second. But during a hit and run from last night, the Reds' Shin-Soo Choo has no idea where the ball is. Why? Because the Dodgers' Skip Schumaker and Hanley Ramirez completely fool the shit out of him.

Choo takes off for second just before Joey Votto lashes a single into center. But rather than be in a possible position to get all the way to third, Choo stops and slides into second. He's faked out by Ramirez, who makes a token reach for the ball even though it sails well over his head. But that's only the beginning of the Dodgers' trickery.

It's then that Schumaker begins to gesture as if the ball had been caught out of the air. Choo only sees the ball is in the hands of centerfielder Andre Ethier; he has no clue it bounced en route, and that he's fine right where he is by standing on second. So Choo begins to head back toward first. Which happens to be where Votto is standing safely.


It's at that moment that Choo realizes he has nowhere to go. The best part is, he also has no idea how he got there.

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