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SHOTY Elite Eight: Chris Berman Vs. Baby Mangino

Welcome, everybody, to Elite Eight Week! If we had a cool corporate sponsor who flashed repetitive commercials in between every one of these posts, you'd be hearing that phrase a TON this week. Maybe we could have a late coach give an inspired speech between halves. Alas.

OK, let's not pussyfoot around. Voting for Elite Eight round matchups is open until Sunday night.


First, a look at the bracket to this point. (Thanks, Happy Pants Jim Cooke.)

Voting will remain open through next week ... so let's go. It's No. 3 seed Chris Berman vs. No. 11 seed Baby Mangino. A look at the nominees' 2008 resumes:

No. 3 Chris Berman
Perturbed, slightly, with behind-camera movement.
Forced ESPN to take video brilliance off YouTube.
Watched Deadspin hang onto them anyway.


No. 11 Baby Mangino




So, who wins?

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