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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Should John Calipari Sell His Soul To Kentucky?

Illustration for article titled Should John Calipari Sell His Soul To Kentucky?

ESPN is reporting that Memphis coach John Calipari met with Kentucky officials at an "undisclosed location" on Sunday and is mulling a "mega mega" offer to jump ship and lead the Wildcats.


Of course Kentucky is a better job than Memphis. More money, more prestige, a bigger conference, multiple opportunities to meet Ashley Judd. They also have some of the most ungrateful fans in North America. Winning a national championship (which Calipari has yet to do, by the way) is no job security when you're coaching in Lexington. And if all those boosters who just didn't get Billy Gillispie's annoying shtick think John is going to be their new golfing buddy, they got another thing coming.

On the other hand, you don't get to be someone like John Calipari without believing you can bend the universe to your will, so he will probably head to Kentucky determined to tame the Wildcat faithful and carve his name into Rupp Arena. No 2-seeds for 30-win teams in the SEC! Plus, there's the whole ghost of Rick Pitino thing, which only makes it more tempting. This is all provided the money is right, which it should be, because Billy Gillispie never signed the seven-year contract that would have guaranteed him a $6 million buyout, so UK is probably off the hook for that.


I believe the term you're looking for is: (forehead slap!)

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