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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Odell Beckham is the only reason you should ever watch a New York Giants game, but he also happens to be in the final year of his contract and coming off a busted ankle. He wants to get paid, but it’s hard to see the Giants ponying up when MISTER MARA is out there with a clenched jaw, openly fuming about his wideout getting caught photographed with pizza and blow. Should the Giants trade him? Doesn’t Odell deserve to be freed of this patrician bullshit? Is paying a shitload to a wideout a horrible idea? That is the extremely loose and vague subject matter of this week’s DEADCAST.

But there’s more! Roth and I also talk about Ohtani Fever, The Masters, quarterbacks, The Simpsons, and we answer YOUR Funbag questions about hand injuries, coaches, and other crap.


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