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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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So remember how former Redskins "quarterback" Heath Shuler is running for Congress? Well, it turns out, he actually is making serious gains in the polls, to the point that he's one of Democrats' key hopefuls for their attempt to take over the House of Representatives in the November elections.


No matter your political affiliation — we do what we can to avoid such matters here — it's pretty impossible, as a sports fan, to imagine Heath Shuler winning anything. Therefore, the angry Redskins fans at Stop Shuler have decided to resort to attack ads to take down Shuler's candidacy ... by any means necessary. Our favorite is this look at the city of Washington the last time Shuler was there, and the city now.

We are not members of North Carolina's 16th district, but all told, we have a hard time with public officials who constantly — CONSTANTLY — throw into double coverage.

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