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Siena's Drunk, Rowdy Fans Are Not Welcome Back To Ohio

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The Siena Saints pulled off one of the more memorable wins over Ohio State in the NCAA tournament this year, but the behavior of their fans didn't do anything to endear themselves to local Ohioans.


In Sunday's Albany Times Union, one Ohio man lets the paper know that the rowdy Saints fans upset the delicate sensibilities of many people present at UD Arena during the first two rounds of the tournament.

Thank God Siena fans have left Dayton, Ohio! Your local fans were anything but saints when they were in Dayton for the NCAA Tournament. The students were drunk, rude and profane. Worst yet, the adults, alumni and parents were just as bad. Thank the UD Arena security officer's restraint for not throwing all of them out on Sunday. Fans cursed out security officers and other fans. The yelling of the "F" word in front of elderly and young children was unbelievable. Is it like this at home or is this just a gift to those they visit? Louisville spared Indy. Don't come back!

Gene Jarman
West Carrollton, Ohio

So it's not only the students that were drunk and rude — it was the parents and alumni as well? Yelling the despicable "F" word in front of the children! And the elderly! What kind of people are they building in Loudonville, NY? Definitely not the type of people that write strongly-worded letters to out-of-state newspapers to complain, that's for sure.


Siena fans no Saints in Ohio [ATU]

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