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It does seem like this has been happening a lot of late: The Buffalo Bills a couple of weeks ago didn't allow several fans to bring their anti-management signs into Ralph Wilson Stadium, threatening them with ejection if they didn't throw the sign away. The Associated Press interviews Mike Allenbaugh, whose ESPN-inspired ""firE coacheS dumP maNagement" sign rivals our famous "macroEconomically baSquiat-like lessonPlan raisiNs" for readibility and coherence.

This is certainly becoming a trend, particularly in the case of the Fire Millen movement. We find this strange, not just because they're letting in former prom dates and apparent Redskins fan sign "Shockey Loves Cock-y" at their game last weekend, but also because they seem to be limiting it to signs that criticize the powers that be. And Allenbaugh, for one, isn't gonna take it anymore.


"If you're ready to kick me out for a sign like that, then every jersey you see of another team, kick them out, too, because they offend me."


This is an excellent idea, brilliant even. Though isn't this kind of what happened in Auburn Hills last year? Except that had more popcorn, we guess. [Official Site]
Bills Accused Of Stifling Fans []

(We'd like to encourage, once again, Matt Millen to show up at a press conference with a "Fire Millen" T-shirt. It's his only way out of this.)