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Since When Have Florida Atlantic Games Been This Interesting?

Florida Atlantic coach Mike Jarvis gets four straight technicals, plus a police escort from the building, which is always fun. At least porn star Mary Carey seemed to have a good time!

Jarvis of course is one of only four Div. I coaches to have won 100 games at three different colleges, and is also the only one I know of to get four technicals in one game. That provided a nice 10-point swing for Louisiana-Monroe, which made seven of the eight free throws and then hit a 3 with the ensuing possession. Moral of the story: When you're leading 31-30, it's probably not a good idea to bump an official so that you're suddenly trailing 40-31.


Not surprisingly, Jarvis felt he didn't have much to lose, being that the Owls are now 4-16, 0-8 following the 94-88 loss. But props to Miss Carey for showing up to this one; she's a faithful FAU alum if there ever was one.

Weird, Strange Times In FAU's Burrow [Sun-Sentinel]

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