Sing Along With Peyton Manning

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Nice pipes: Peyton Manning and Kenny Chesney sing ... something. I can't really make it out, but I think it's about your mom. [Pacman Jonsin]

More like the devil's accountant: Scott Boras is not the devil. But I bet he could get old Beelzebub a six-year deal in the $40 million neighborhood. [Nationals Enquirer]

Service with an insult: Bengals owner Mike Brown needs some help with his customer relations. And maybe his football team. [WhoDeyRevolution]

Beatdown: I guess ESPN's boxing efforts leave a little something to be desired. Kind of like boxing's heavyweight division. [BC Beat]


"Ed, Edd, Eddy Meet David Stern":The cartoon Network is partnering with the NBA to create "basketball themed" programming. No WNBA jokes please. [The Live Feed]