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For those of you out there whose Mondays feel incomplete without a naked picture of a Pittsburgh Steeler, your day is about to pick up a bit. First, it was kicker Jeff Reed, snapping a picture of his freshly shorn pubis region then having it hit the web. Now, wide receiver Santonio Holmes has allegedly been snapped without his uniform (or anything else on), while standing with his arms seductively raised in an unidentifiable shower, which is most likely not Heinz Field. (Extremely NSFW photo after the jump. Unless, of course, your job is to search for photos of black penises all day. Those people might get a raise. )

This pictures was sent via email from a person who claims that this photo of Holmes was found at, a site where horny ladies talk candidly about sex and share photos of dudes they've let run amok in their lady caves. (Kind of like Jezebel.)

Apparently, one person has taken Mr. Holmes' brown thermos to lunch a few times. Hopefully, her cervix survived that anaconda attack.

Full photo of Santonio de-McBeam'd here: (NSFW, obviously>)

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