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Six More Memes That I Swear Curt Schilling Shared To His Facebook Page

Former MLB pitcher Curt Schilling is no longer employed at ESPN, so he’s back to sharing memes on his Facebook page, and let me tell you, these memes are the cream of the crop. I don’t share these memes in an attempt to shame Schilling; he’s sufficiently shamed himself. I’m just fascinated by them.

Is Curt Schilling addicted to sharing memes? Does the phrase “Like and share if you agree” have legitimate control over him? You might think I’m being ridiculous, but what else could compel a man to share this fake Prince quote about Democrats and Republicans?


You can tell it’s bullshit because Prince would never use “I.”

Of course, there has to be a Hillary Clinton meme. How about something tasteful, like her face crudely photoshopped into an incriminating image?

That’s the stuff.

Before Schilling was fired, he unloaded a couple of high-quality memes. Here’s one about hockey being tougher than other sports:


And here’s an intense one about Obama being the Antichrist:


Schilling also shared a five-year update on Barack Obama’s presidency. Yes, it’s 2016, not 2013. Yes, Schilling shared this last week. I checked:


If there’s one person who won’t take any numbers he sees at face value, it’s Curt Schilling.

I have one final meme to share, and it might be my favorite, because of the subject matter. It was the first meme Schilling shared after he was fired. It is about ... Curt Schilling.


Curt Schilling shared a goddamn meme about himself. Who knows if he’ll get into the Baseball Hall of Fame, but he’s a first-ballot meme master.


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