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Skateboarder Does Thing With Skateboards

See, first he's on this one skateboard, which is pretty impressive, seeing how that's a thing that a lot of people can't do. But then he jumps off the skateboard, which seems like it would be incrementally harder than just riding one without jumping off. And then he flips, which is also a hard thing to do in any situation, let alone from a skateboard. But here's the thing which leads me to believe that this is a cool or "rad" video: when he lands, he does not land on the ground, or even on his skateboard. He lands on a second, completely separate skateboard. Boy, it's a good thing it was there waiting for him! Then he skates back the other way, which, if you'll refer to the beginning of this paragraph, is an impressive thing in and of itself.

And then it happens again in slow motion, and there is mooing. Also, he is French, or maybe Canadian.



And now we have to go. Hickey tonight, and another fun fun fun World Series open thread. Everything is happening!

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