Skateboarder Touches The Sky, Destroys Unsuspecting Passerby

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The red-haired skater drops in from the highest launch ramp. He accelerates through the bottom of the halfpipe, hurtling towards the lip only to launch himself into the air before cresting the wave. For a brief moment, our hero kisses the sky. It is at this point that something terrible happens.

Here we have one Logan Dell Wilkinson performing an extremely unintentional impression of the Chicxulub meteor, slamming into poor Brendan Watson and appearing to seriously fuck his shit up. The collision happened at last weekend’s UK Skateboarding National Championships, at which the skaters were each awarded £100 for winning the “Worst Slam” category. I haven’t watched any other slams from the weekend, but it’s hard to imagine what could possibly have competed with this horror show.


Wilkinson was hospitalized, and things probably would have been much worse for him if he hadn’t had the good luck to destroy Watson, as Wilkinson was on a trajectory to miss the foam pit he was aiming for. There haven’t been any updates on Watson’s condition. Wilkinson posted a few more angles on his Instagram and apologized to Watson, writing, “bro I can’t explain how sorry I am I hope everything’s all good 🙏🏼thank you everyone who sent positivity my way.”