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How frustrating it must be, for retired boxers everywhere, to see George Foreman having so much success in his post-boxing career. Most of these guys are screwed over in every possible way while they're fighting, and then when they retire, they have no money saved up and no marketable skills other than being able to handle a punch to the face. Then you see Foreman making billions off a damned diet grill. It has to be tough.

So, former boxer Razor Ruddock is doing his part, coming up with The Boxer Compactor 2006. It's a trash can, you see, but it also ... well, we'll just let the site explain it.


The Boxer Compactor is a manually operated trash compactor that is affordable and easy to use. Unlike regular garbage cans, The Bettermaid Compactor contains a patented scissor mechanism* concealed under its lid. The scissor mechanism is designed to enable the user to deliver 14 times as much force to the garbage in the can than they normally would. This means that pulling back on the handle with 30 lbs of force will deliver a 400 lbs crushing force to the garbage!

This seems, frankly, like something that might get someone killed. Our favorite part of the site is Ruddock wearing the pictured labcoat. Dr. Razor has personally inspected this trash compactor, and he finds it quite smashing!

The Boxer Compactor 2006 []

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