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Smush Parker Has Had It Up To Here With Hidden Fees

If Smush Parker wasn't your favorite player in the NBA before this week — and dammit, he should have been! — he certainly is making a plea for your heart now.

Parker smushed his way to an indefinite suspension from the Miami Heat because, well, he's not gonna pay a lot for this muffler. Or this valet, whatever.

Yomara McKenzie, 41, told police Parker injured her left arm in an attempt to get his keys at a condo building at 355 Biscayne Blvd on Tuesday morning. According to a Miami police report, Parker was told he owed a $12 fee but believed he had paid it the night before.


Smush is making $2.2 million this year, which you might think would allow him to easily afford a $12 parking fee, or at least not twist some lady's arm just to avoid it. But a man's gotta get paid, and christ, have you seen gas prices lately? Parker's agent says he wasn't near an ATM, hence his frustration. Been there, man ... BEEN THERE. Freaking Bank Of America ... $2.95 to get cash? Are you kidding? She's lucky it was just her damned arm.

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