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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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If you use Snapchat—probably not, because you read Deadspin and are statistically most likely to be an irritable dad with a law degree—you were probably captivated by the romance of the week. Two University of Wisconsin students, “Mystery Girl” and “Vikings Fan,” noticed each other on the school’s Snapchat Story (a Snapchat-compiled series of photos and videos from the campus), and ended up meeting in person at some really loud bar Thursday. It was a courtship for the ages.

You can watch the entire story play out here. Other Wisconsin students play crucial parts in making the magic happen:

Though instinct says that this meet-cute was likely orchestrated by Snapchat to prove that their Stories can do Amazing Things, “Abby and Reed” told Select All that the whole thing was genuine:

“This was 100 percent legit,” Reed told me. “Some place came out with an article that said we were models paid by Snapchat. That’s just absurd.”

“If you look on Facebook, we only became friends yesterday,” Abby explained. “We just added each other on Snapchat. We have all the evidence to prove this is real.”


Abby and Reed have reportedly hung out “every day-ish” since their encounter, but do not consider themselves to be dating.

The Vikings declined to pick up their fifth-year option on Cordarrelle Patterson.

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