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Snooki Body Slams Michelle McCool, And Other Great Moments From WrestleMania 27

For those of you who didn't have the $54.50 to spend on pay-per-view this weekend, we have compiled the best moment's from Sunday night's WrestleMania 27. There were many highlights: Snooki did a backflip, Stone Cold Steve Austin laid the smack down, and Trish Stratus and Michelle McCool wrestled for Josh Matthews's jerk-off pleasure.

The Rock hosted WrestleMania, but he wasn't the only former wrestler to make an appearance. Austin showed up (on a four-wheeler, naturally) to beat the shit out of at least four people — mainly Josh Matthews, who pissed Austin off. He retaliated by body slamming him, chugging a beer, and riding out of the arena on his camouflaged four-wheeler. Oh, 3:16, we have missed you so.


WrestleMania did great business. The event sold out the Georgia Dome and did record pay-per-view sales. Hopefully, it made enough of a profit to pay for The Rock, Snooki and Stone Cold Steve Austin's respective appearance fees. Hopefully.

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