We've known the identity of the Snorg T-shirt girl for quite awhile now, of course; Alice Fraasa, 19, attends Auburn, where she majors in communication. Loves the Atlanta Braves, Harry Potter, and is an atheist. But what I didn't know is how much money she rakes in. The Snorgtees ads that feature her are seen by millions every month. So she's paid pretty well, right?

The brothers who launched the company 3 1/2 years ago credit much of its success to Fraasa, who's paid in free T-shirts. Millions of people each month see ads featuring Alice, and about 500,000 are interested enough to click, taking them to Snorgtees.com, said Snorg Tees co-founder Matt Flynn.

Yeah, the cheapskates pay her in T-shirts. This kid needs an agent, and pronto.

Meanwhile, over on her MySpace page, we learn that one of her favorite books is The Odyssey. Apparently she didn't care for The Iliad.


Of course one of the best parts of the Snorg Girl Experience is visiting said MySpace page and reading some of the comments, which can be quite unintentionally comical:

• I would like to marry the "Big Deal" model. Hook it up — open bar, karaoke, live CCR cover band. — Plzkthxbye


• Love the shirt, keep up the good work. — Jay

• Any shirt I see you wear I buy. — Travi$

• You get like a million of these messages a day... but... I think you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my whole entire life. :( — Irvin


• Yo, shout me a holla when u need a ram upgrade. — Ram Guy

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