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So, Did Anything Interesting Happen Yesterday?

I made a promise to myself that after overindulging on everything on Thanksgiving, I was going to lay low yesterday. No television, no internet, just peace and quiet. It's not like anything interesting ever occurs on Black Friday, right? What?

Hoo boy. Tiger Woods, huh? Crazy shit, man.

It looks like the fine writers of this here site have been on top of this story since it broke, and we will do our very best to keep you apprised of any developments as the day progresses, and I'm willing to bet it's only going to get weirder from here. One thing we need to do is come up with a clever nickname for it. Tigergate? Woodsrophenia? Well, neither of those are any good, but it's early yet.


But seriously, Tiger Woods in this kind of mess? Mind blowing stuff.

Tiger crashes, rubber-necking just beginning [The Associated Press]

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