He reveals himself, in that interview, to be a solid, stolid American Baseball Boy, if also one who regrettably uses the phrase “fake news” to talk about radar guns and such. In short: dude’s a Scooter.


The question has always been the extent to which Scooter is a Dude. Regression grumps will and should point to how unsustainable his scorching month of May was, for him or anyone else—he hit .398, with eight dongs and a titanic 1.139 OPS, including one stretch in which he homered in four straight games. But while the dingers have slowed down in June, he still sports a .957 OPS through this month.

His BABIP is also a pretty ridiculous .395 so far this season, which is generally one of the easiest indicators that a hot hitter won’t be keeping an unsustainable pace up forever. But it also isn’t that extremely far off from his career numbers (.334) which suggests that Gennett had some latent Dude potential even when he was still generally understood to be a Guy. It makes sense that everyone is just now noticing all that given that the dingers are coming with a bit more regularity, but those earlier years of meh-to-solid performance have still kept him under the radar. He’s already eclipsed his WAR in any full season through mid-June, and ESPN’s WAR rankings have him just a shade below J.D. Martinez and James Paxton on the year.


The Reds are still one sorry heap of a team, and far enough off the pace already that they couldn’t be blamed for looking to deal a player like Gennett as quickly as possible for as much as they can get. It’d be a noble attempt to salvage some value from what’s likely to be their fourth consecutive last place finish. The frustration is palpable and out in the open, to the point where franchise cornerstone and Deadspin-clowner Joey Votto is visibly not happy with how little the organization is trying to win games.

It’s bad, and yet there is this weird Scooter-shaped miracle in the middle of it. The Reds pulled a winning lottery ticket off the waiver wire last year, and are paying a 28-year-old who is currently a fringe-y MVP candidate just $5.7 million, with another two years of team control ahead. They could cash Gennett in or hold until some light finally appears at the end of this very long tunnel. Either way, it’s unlikely that he’ll be allowed near any more scooters. He’s not a Guy, anymore. This dude, somehow, is a Dude.