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So, Is There Really Any Chance The Red Sox Would Take A Chance On Bonds?

So, David Ortiz could be out for a while. Would the Red Sox dare ... could they ... oh heavens ... they have to consider it, don't they ... could they be considering Barry Bonds? The Red Sox, even though Bonds has called the city racist, seem to be keeping it in mind.

Fire Joe Morgan is trying to make their peace with it in a letter to Theo Epstein.

Yes. Yes yes. Yes yes yes. I want the Red Sox to win the World Series. Also, if Bonds is the DH, that means they're winning the WS at Fenway. How can you pass that up? You think Gino from Brockton is going to care if Barry Bonds took some extra special medicine while he's dancing somewhere in short left-center along with 34,000 people who just want to pour beer on Mike Timlin's head and bang a townie? Nope sir.


When you consider that they suspected Eric Gagne was a steroid user before signing him last year ... what else is standing in the way?

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