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So It's Come To This: They're Having A Debate About The Green Men

The hockey playoffs are long. Finding storylines to pass the time are key to getting through the two months. That said, I still can't believe anyone, anywhere is getting their panties in a bunch over the Spandex-wearing superfans of Vancouver.

Glenn Healy — Glenn Healy, of all people! — has been harboring a grudge against the Green Men all this time, and we never even knew. The Hockey Night In Canada commentator went off on the pair over the weekend, even getting the league involved.

"The league has looked into getting rid of these guys," Healy said. "We've had enough. It's about the game, it's about the players, it's not about guys doing handstands. The league's looked into it and they're going to make some amends."


Healy won't let this one go either, going on the radio yesterday and alleging that the Predators issued a formal complaint, and "a rule has been laid out."

How much of this is legitimate, and how much is Healy needing his White Whale?. Unclear. Nashville denies making a complaint, and supposedly a Canucks employee told the Green Men to tone it down a little.

The Green Men will be in Nashville for game three tonight, so it's time for some kind of a showdown. Now this has become an official "thing," everyone's required to have an opinion.

"They're coming all the way? Did the Canucks fly them in - holy geez," laughed [former Canuck, current Predator] Shane O'Brien.

"I wouldn't want to see myself in one of those tight green suits - I can tell you that. I guess they feel good about themselves to dress up in all green. I noticed there are never any chicks sitting beside them, they're always sitting beside dudes. Maybe they've got to figure that out and they'll be able to get a date or something."


It's the perfect storm for the stupid little story that can fill local airwaves for a couple of days, and always seems to this time of year. It's the second round, which is always the most boring of any four-round bracket. And there's only one Canadian team left, so a frustrated nation seizes would seize any team. (Except the Leafs or Habs, obviously.)

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