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So Long Ochocinco, And Thanks For The Sombrero

While Chad Ochocinco was thanking God for sending him to New England (or more likely just getting him out of Cincinnati), his now ex-teammate Pacman Jones was helping himself to the contents of Ochocinco's locker. That included modeling the sombrero Chad once pulled out on the field and offering up an action figure for the low, low price of $5. It ought to surprise no one that Ochocinco had a sombrero and an action figure of himself in his locker.

The Ochocinco/Belichick relationship is a warm one, and should prove fruitful for both. But at a time when media outlets are cutting veterans left and right, we're sad to note that the Ochocinco News Network may have gone off the air forever.



Go cause some trouble. Hickey time.

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