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Illustration for article titled So, What Personal Photographs And Video Were On Bernard Berrians Missing BlackBerry?

Vikings wide receiver Bernard Berrian apparently left his BlackBerry atop a Vegas ATM in October. He got it back but not before the couple who found it allegedly asked for $30K lest they sell it to the highest bidder.

Even though Berrian got the device back Jan. 19, a lawsuit will proceed with a hearing month. His lawyer says this is because they want "to get to the bottom of the facts." The suit says Berrian had financial and account information, his Social Security number, access codes to his residences and photos of his young daughter.


The suit also says there were ...

"... other personal photographs and video of Berrian and third parties not intended for public distribution." Berrian is not married.

Berrian's BlackBerry is back, but there's more to the story [Star-Tribune] (H/T Andrew P.; Photo from ChicagoMag)

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