So, When's That Alex Rodriguez Suspension Coming?

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It's been one week since Ryan Braun became the first domino to fall in the Biogenesis scandal, but it seems like we're all just waiting for the main event: a lengthy suspension for Alex Rodriguez. But when will it come down? If reports out of New York are any indication, I'd hold off on that bathroom break.

According to the New York Daily News, Major League Baseball hopes to get an answer today from Rodriguez on whether he will accept a deal that would suspend him the remainder of this year and all of 2014. If Rodriguez rejects a deal and chooses to appeal, an even longer suspension—perhaps a lifetime ban—"could be announced as early as late Monday or Tuesday."

The report claims that MLB had planned to announce every Biogenesis suspension at the same time, but when Braun offered to make a deal, it bumped his announcement up to encourage other players to cop pleas as well. For whatever reason, the Daily News claims, MLB now expects to handle Rodriguez's discipline before it moves to the other implicated players.

While it's important to note that this is just one report, the Daily News has proven well plugged-in on MLB's Biogenesis investigation, and have been second to none on the A-Rod-centric scuttlebutt. And other outlets are reporting similar things—Newsday calls a suspension "imminent" and the Post, also claiming the ban would last through 2014, says it'll be announced this week. ESPN's investigative unit, which seems to have a direct line to MLB, has been oddly silent today.


So! A suspension coming down perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow, almost certainly this week. Rodriguez will began a five-day rehab assignment on Aug. 1, which sets his potential return to the Yankees a week from tomorrow. If Rodriguez does not accept a deal—and nearly every report has said he won't—we could be facing the very awkward situation of A-Rod appealing a lifetime ban as he prepares to make his season debut.