So Who's The ESPN Employee Calling Stu Scott An A-Hole On Reddit?

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Either a well-versed prankster has invaded Reddit's popular IAMA anonymous q-and-a, or, once again, Bristol has a reckless scuttlebutt willing to (anonymously) unload about Scott, Chris Berman, Michelle Beadle, Michael Wilbon and more.

Some highlights from the session starring "Eyespian," who claims to be "a cog behind the scenes of "the worldwide leader".

* Q: What is the deal with Stuart Scott, period? The guy is a fucking catchphrase machine, and personifies what ESPN is these days: All Style, Little Substance.


Eyespian: "I agree, he sucks at his job, is a major jerk, and wears the ugliest shit ever, have you seen his ties??"

* Q: Really? I mean there's no way Kornheiser isn't a fun guy he reminds me of my pops, but Wilbon looks like a good guy too. What's his deal?


Eyespian: "Tony's a genuine guy. Wilbon is just too cool for school."

* Q: Am I correct in assuming that he's just playing a part, like Sean Hannity or something? Also, I have this weird feeling that Stephen A. Smith is actually an OK guy. I also have the feeling that I'm about to be downvoted into oblivion.


Eyespian: "Yeah, he was a role player. In person, he seemed decent enough.

TrueStory: He was like 6'6, but still insisted on a seat cushion. "I'm all legs baby" he goes."


* Q: is everyone sucking and/or fucking each other up there? or is that overblown (pun intended)

Eyespian: "Yes, ESPN is one big incestuous orgy. Seriously, since there's not real outside social life for most of the people there (it's in the middle of the woods, and most people have moved here to work here), you gotta do what you gotta do!"


Other things of note:

* John Clayton apparently has a ponytail
* The person who wrote this despises Stu Scott
* "For every Steve Phillips situation, there's 100 more that never get caught."
* Lots of ESPN people smoke weed
* Lots of people who work at ESPN watched the Erin Andrews video
* Mike Greenberg is also not highly regarded


We're still waiting for comment from ESPN on this new mole and its veracity. But, given most of the answers, he seems to be legit and a person who's brazenly bypassed the strongly-worded directive sent out by George Bodenheimer last fall after all that other stuff popped up. Whomever this Jersey-born, production-side Bristol cog is, he will not be awarded a leadership pickle anytime soon.


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