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So Why Was That Angry Speed Skating Guy So Angry?

Sjinkie Knegt, an Olympic-bound speed skater from the Netherlands, graced us this weekend with the greatest speed skating photo of all time when he lost the 5000m relay at ISU European short track speed skating championships to Victor An, a Russian by way of South Korea. Now we can't help but ask one question: Why u so mad, Knegt?

While it's hard to figure out what Knegt was so angry about—besides losing—it is clear that he was in fact very angry. As proof, I present the second-best speed skating photo of all time:


And the third-best speed skating photo of all time:

This guy, man. I love this guy. Right, back to the question, though. None of the news stories written about the event offers a clear reason as to what set Knegt off, although he did apologize earlier today for flippin' the birds at Victor An.

So let's go to the tape! Jump to the 6:45 mark of the video below to see the final lap of the race. Knegt is the guy in the 147 helmet. An is the guy right on his ass:

So, did An do anything shady or nefarious during that last lap? I couldn't really make anything out, but I also don't know speed skating that well. (An is the guy who tangled with Apolo Ohno at the 2002 Olympics. He was known as Ahn Hyun-Soo back then and was skating for South Korea) If you have any theories, throw 'em in the discussion section, and then get back to enjoying these wonderful pictures.

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