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This tearfully happy nonagenarian is one Juan Osorio of Argentina. The very, very longtime (he’s 94 years old) fan of Argie club Independiente Rivadavia was overcome with emotion this weekend when the local boys doubled their lead against Argentinos Juniors in what for Independiente was a big game:

Independiente are fighting for their lives against relegation from Argentina’s second division. They’ve done pretty well this year, currently sitting in eighth place in this season’s table, but Argentine lower division relegation rules are a little odd. There, the league takes the sum of each team’s cumulative points in the second tier over the past four season, divides that by the number of matches played, and the four teams with the lowest average points per match number gets relegated to one of the two third-tier leagues.


The 2-1 victory Independiente eventually held on to against Argentinos was their third consecutive victory, which inched them ever closer to safety. Independiente’s points per match number is just 0.013 below Juventud Unida in the safe spot above them, with seven matches left in the season.

If ever you needed a concrete example of why promotion and relegation is so viscerally thrilling, Osorio’s tears should do the trick.

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