Today was the last day of the season in England's npower Championship league, and relegation candidates Huddersfield Town and Barnsley were playing each other. Both teams were dangling dangerously above the drop zone, and a loss would've likely sent one of the teams down to League One.

The derby was a tense affair between two heated Yorkshire rivals, and Huddersfield striker James Vaughan scored in the 82nd minute to tie the game, 2-2. With time almost expired, fans in the stadium slowly learned that elsewhere in the Championship, Crystal Palace had just scored to beat Peterborough, 3-2, and relegate Peterborough to League One along with Wolverhampton and Bristol City. Huddersfield and Barnsley were safe. Fans went absolutely nuts, and started cheering, "Yorkshire! Yorkshire!"

When Barnsley keeper Luke Steele figured out what was going on, he dribbled the ball in his box for the final two minutes, not once challenged by a Huddersfield player, who were also content with a draw. The hated rivals would both be staying in the Championship, free to battle each other while underwhelming the entire city again next year. Barnsley would finish 21st of 24 teams, missing relegation by a single point. Huddersfield would finish 19th.

The referee blew the final whistle, both teams' fans stormed the pitch to congratulate the players and bask in their irrelevance, and the whole thing was almost every bit as joyous as it was pathetic and sad. Good season, Yorkshire.