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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Soccer Guy Gets A Goal, A Fiancée, And A Yellow Card All In One Sequence

We can now place public proclamations of everlasting love alongside ugly tackles, bare-chested celebrations, and diving as things that are against the rules in soccer.


Ashton Surber, a player for NAPA Rovers in Guam’s first division, scored a pretty bicycle kick last week and immediately ran over to the sideline, took off his jersey, and revealed an undershirt that asked for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage. So impressed with his innovative and successful plot, Surber apparently uploaded (and unfortunately, soundtracked) the video above to his YouTube channel, titling it “The perfect proposal” and appending to it this poetic description:

the only goal that could ever matter in my life, is the one i score to make you my wife... yesterday i asked my biggest fan if she would watch my games for the rest of her life...she said yes. #goals #literally

I wanted to give my biggest fan the proposal she’ll remember for a lifetime and then some...


What we really want to know is how long he’d been planning this. That undershirt could’ve gotten pretty gamey if he’d had to endure a goalless streak of a few weeks.


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