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Those who watched the World Cup last year know how opinionated former US soccer star Eric Wynalda can be, but when you get some alcohol in him, he even goes after the sacred cow that is Jim Rome.

"You will never get a guy, in me, who is more of a believer in the American player. Jim Rome can suck my dick! And he should be very afraid, because I'm the kind of guy, if I get too many drinks in me, I will club his ass. I've been on with Jim Rome, and I said, 'Let me get this straight, you're more impressed with water polo?'"


We always find it strange that athletes like Wynalda and Jim (Chris) Evert are always threatening to get in fights with Jim Rome, who's about as athlete-friendly as a radio guy gets. We guess when there's just so much smack, you can't ignore it, all that smack.

Eric Wynalda Attacks And Threatens Jim Rome Verbally During Soccer Blog Interview [Sports By Brooks]

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