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Soccer Player Gets Carded For Fatal Heart Attack (UPDATE)

Welp, diving in soccer now has its "boy who cried wolf" moment. The ref showed a collapsed Croatian player a yellow card because he thought he was faking. He wasn't. He was dead.

Goran Tunjic was a 32 year old defender for Mladost FC, a team in the fifth tier of Croatian soccer. In the 35th minute of a match this weekend, he simply fell to the pitch. The referee approached him with a yellow card in hand. Great. The one time in all of recorded history they try to enforce the penalty against diving.

Doctors tried to help him but there was nothing they could do," said a club spokesman. "He just fell dead on the spot."


Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo flops and dives with impunity, and will never be carded. UEFA is clearly biased in favor of stars. And living players.

UPDATE: Via the magic of Google translator, we have a report that appears to state Tunjic was not carded. Decipher the moonspeak and decide for yourselves.

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